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    Dear Community,

    we have consulted internally for a long time to plan the future for our staff team. We would like to thank you for your numerous applications for the office of a supporter! We have come to the conclusion that it is more effective for us to do the restructuring piece by piece.

    As a first step on our way, we have managed to get @MrAvex back into our staff team after an absence of more than two years. We considered this step necessary to stabilize the core of the team as much as possible. We plan to contact possible further supporters in the course of this month. This means that even if you haven't received an answer to your application yet, it is still possible that we will contact you in the near future.

    Our sincere thanks go to Avex for coming back and supporting ChromaCheats on its further way! It is a great honor for us to go our way together with you again. To put it in the words of one of my favorite movies:

    'There's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.'

    Best regards
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