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    - Design/Usability:
    The cheat design of the cheat is 10/10, looks really good
    - Features 9/10 There are so many features in this internal cheat, and they all works without any fps drop
    - Security: I haven't had any bans, during the 24h period I used cheat, and played quite a good amount of games. So it's a 10/10 so far here
    - Support: The support is amazing, active staff on discord, and they respond very fast.
    - Price-performance ratio: The performance you get for the price is amazing, I will most certainly buy the cheat soon as possible. So 10/10 here as well

    Overall: The cheat is probably one of the best, I have tried throughout my years of cheating in csgo. The aimbot looks legit, and the esp isn't buggy. The cheat allows for me, who likes to play legit, to find the best config that fits my playstyle and from there I am able to cheat and look legit whilst doing it. I can highly recommend this, for any users looking for a good feature-wise cheat. All around it's a 9/10 for me

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