One year experience with ChromaCheats

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    My honest review about using Chroma Cheats for one year.

    I have registered about a year ago, and i requested my 24hr trial version of the cheat. I have used it in matchmaking servers, and it worked but there are a lots of bugs in the cheat, example the glow is buggy, etc. BUT, recently i started playing csgo again, and i tought about using chroma again for legit hacking in mm, or popflash so basicaly i requested a 24hr trial again, and the mod/staff member gave me the trial again (thank you so much). I think the cheat improved a lots of things in that year, i dont mean new features, but the old features got fixed, and they work really well. You will able to check the full review down here.

    ESP/GLOW: 10/9
    -These features are the best in the cheat. There is not that much options for the player ESP, and glow but enought. I prefer the lowkey visual setup, and mainly use aim assist, so thats not that big of a main point in my opinion. There are things to do with the cheat's ESP/Glow options because there are bugs in it. I will make a video about these bugs, and send it to a developer so its gonna be fixed soon probably.

    TRIGGERBOT: 10/10
    -The triggerbot works really good, if you can make your own settings good your triggerbot will be as good as your configuration skills. I don't think there is any bigger issue with this part of the cheat, i just love it using.

    AIM-ASSIST: 10/9.5
    -I think this is the best part of the cheat. You are able to costumize every weapon as you prefer. If you are able to configurate the hack property you will be getting a nice aim assist. You are able to make a legit like aimbot, or just turn on the rage settings and if you configurated property you will able to tap bad rage hackers. (video will be on my channel) I mainly used my legit config with a little bit of a aim assist, but it looks legit, and no ow ban.

    SKIN-CHANGER: 10/7
    -The skin changer is not that good it should be, but hey! its an external cheat and the skin changer "works". I don't think thats the cheat's bug.

    -I think Chroma has the best community out of all the community's that i participated in. I have been in several cheat community, for example soda hack, or other private cheats. I think this cumminity is really friendly, and i am able to ask others for help and they are not gonna flame, or block out me. The support is really helpful, and they answer questions daily. We are able to talk to them and we can report bugs and the listen to us.

    -I think the cheat has improved in a lots of things over this year so thats a POSITIVE feedback from me, and i think i am gonna be a chroma user in the future too. And if the admin/staff/developer team is intrested in it i would like to make more content with their cheat or maybe do a collaboration with you guys. I am looking forward for your DM ;) dc: Neon#7779

    Thank you for reading my honest review about ChromaCheats! Have a nice one.
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    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your long and detailed review

    I'm really grateful that you took the time to write this.
    It's awesome to hear your positive feedback
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