my review after the free trial.

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    about me: i've been using closet cheats/cfgs for a few months now, despite only recently testing rage ones. whilst legit (which i still play), i am global on mm and lvl 8 on faceit.

    launcher (9/10):
    works seamlessly, but i feel like the extra step of selecting which cheat you want to use is quite pointless. perhaps just make it so, after you have one selected already? i really like how the theme also works on the launcher, though.

    menu (7/10):
    animations are nice and there's a good amount of customization, but the design feels quite outdated.

    glow (9/10):
    works as intended, but the health glow overlaps the colour you've set. perhaps add something that shows the health of other players as a number/bar.

    esp (9/10):
    on some very rare occasions, it won't show the enemie's outline.

    triggerbot (10/10):
    works as expected.

    aimbot (5/10):
    being quite harsh here, but i don't think it really does much. it doesn't serve as a great legit aimbot nor a good rage one. sure, it is decent (especially legit-wise), but it still isn't it. magnetic aim really isn't good. when using the rage feature, the aimbot will shoot at the esp through the wall, no matter what visibility check it has and no matter how thick the wall is.

    skins (7/10):
    skins themselves didn't seem to work for me. perhaps i didn't do it the right way? like the launcher, i think the system could use some re-design, in order to make it an easier and more seamless experience. there are also problems when switching weapons, particularly to your knife (especially on !ws) servers. using hotkeys seemed to fix the issue most of the time.

    misc (8/10):
    good amount of features, but the bhop feels quite useless at the moment. i totally understand and agree that, in order to make it more legit, it should hit every time. however, it feels like it's hitting less than an ahk. therefore, i'd suggest having a way of customizing how much you want it to hit, with a maximum of a "rage" bhop that barely misses (for those who'd like to 'rage').

    colours (9/10):
    does what's supposed to, but takes time to learn.

    config (10/10):
    works seamlessly and i really like how there's an actual folder for the configs unlike some other cheats.

    conclusion (9/10):
    even though i rated the aimbot quite low, it's something i really don't use. moreover, it's something not really needed for a closet/league cheat. however, having the choices is good and it could really use major improvements. an aimlock feature/aimlock-only-cheat would also be great and, personally, make it totally worthy of a lifetime purchase as aimlock.
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    good review, I can agree with 90% of ur statements.
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    Next time please don’t choose those fcking bright colors. My eyes are dying :fsm:

    anyway thanks for the honest review and providing your configs to the community.

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