Introducing: Trading & Rules

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    Introducing: Trading & Rules

    In this forum section you can trade with customers and registered users.


    You can choose one of the following members to be a middleman in your trade for free.
    A middleman will stand in between the seller and buyer and protect both of being scammed
    by taking the money and the sold product and verify the trade before handing out both
    the money and the sold product to the users.

    - @RaZa
    - @Yato


    Please use the private chat if you want to start a discussion with the seller.
    And don't post if you are not interested in the offered product.


    Scammers will be banned permanently and will lose their subscription.

    Referral Links

    Trading offers with referral links are disallowed.


    You may bump your thread when there is a significant change in your service or product.
    You may also bump your thread when it isn't on the first market page any more.
    Any other reason may be discussed with an admin.

    -Best regards

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