Introducing: Donations

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    Introducing: Donations

    We added a new Donation System to our Forum.

    The first of our goals will help us to improve the website and content provided on it.
    The money will be used to expand our business. This would mean more and better services for all our users!
    It also helps us keeping our servers online all the time and to invest in new hard- and software.

    You may consider donating us any amount you can afford.
    If you do not own a lifetime subscription here, you may better invest into a new subscription instead.

    Our second goal is to provide a reward for our support team.
    All of our support members work free of charge to help us and the community.

    If you want to give something back to our great team than this is the way to go!

    Our Donation System also offers advantages to our donors.

    You will receive the Donator user rank which allows you to watch some of our VIP forums even without a subscription.
    It also adds a new Donator Badge to your Forum account and changes your Name to a unique color.
    This also offers you benefits in our shoutbox and the signature editor and let you change your Forum name at any time.

    Discord and Teamspeak
    Your Teamspeak and Discord Account will benefit from higher privileges and a custom channel to talk to your friends.

    more to follow...

    -Best regards

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