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Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by derhotlkermann, Feb 12, 2020.

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    My review of Chromacheats, after using it for 48 hours. (Free trial) (rating 8)

    - Design/Usability (10)
    The design is very neat, everything is visible and easy to use. You've got the "tabs" with the different "features", I think the "MetroFramework" found a good use here.

    - Features (7)
    The cheat has got all features, which a legit cheat should have. Personally I think you could add a few more though, for example a "grenade prediction", "custom clantag" and generally more customizable things.

    - Security (9)
    The security seems very good, haven't been "VAC banned" or anything like that, I haven't used the cheat on any other servers (faceit, esea, etc) so can't tell if it is secure.
    The "Loader" itselfs is written in .NET protected/obfusacted with "Eazfuscator", which will make it harder for "VAC" to detect, and prevent people from cracking the "Loader" since it's very hard to "deobfuscate/devirtualize".

    - Support (4)
    the support is the only downside in my opinion. I've seen people asking for support, which they didn't get in their prefered time and then complaining about it, then other were reasoning that with "The supporters/team are only humans too". I think this is wrong to say because you pay, this is business and support should be very active and fast. (Apparently, they are working on it, and trying to find people from other timezones to fix the issue)

    - Price-performance ratio (8)
    The cheat performs very well, the cheat is very cheap but still does the job. I think "Chromacheats" are some of the cheapest legitimate cheat sellers I've seen. The ratio is very good.

    - General cheat rating (8)

    -Regards Juri
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    Hey @derhotlkermann

    We're currently working on similar features you suggested above.
    The support currently depends on the time of day we have.
    Almost every supporter in our team lives in Germany what we are aware of and try to solve right now.
    We are currently in the last part of the supporter application phase.

    Thanks for your review :)

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