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    Overall Performance: 8/10 in game my FPS haven't dropped much, only around (5-10) which is a good sign of a cheat. Skin changer, esp and aimbot was smooth never lags which is good. The only downside to this cheat is when the skin changer is on, the menu glitches a bit.

    Legit aim/trigger: 9/10 The aimbot is really legit and customizable, the is a feature called reset recoil(which is basically no recoil), you can choose a lot of hitboxes for the aimbot and the smoothing is really nice. The trigger bot is great you can add options (exp: randomize, overbust and time delay before/after shot). Overall is great it will be great if we can customize every gun.

    ESP/skin/glow: 10/10 This is the most customizable and probably the best I have seen. There is just every feature that u can ask for in there.

    What is the best thing about this cheat?

    It's just really cheap for this great of a cheat. I will 100% recommend buying this cheat if they want to play legit/closet cheating.

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