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Discussion in 'Reviews & Testimonials' started by burek123, Jun 7, 2019.

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    This cheat is amazing!

    - Design/Usability - This cheat is really clean and easy to use and everything is explained if u hover over it. 10/10
    - Features - I like everything that this cheat has its the best cheat i found for legit hacking. I think they should add a new tab tho just for chams tho so i would rate it 9/10
    - Security - Well im still using the free trial and i never got hackusated with it if u use it really good i think i won't get ow banned on vac banned for a long time with this cheat 10/10
    - Support - the support is really good everything is really good 9.9/10
    - Price-performance ratio - the price is good for this cheat 10$ for a month or something like that that is really cheap for a good hack like this. But im making a review because i have no money so u know if u can hook me up with 1 month free ill drink water or something 10/10

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