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    My opinions and thoughts on Chroma Cheats.

    One of the paid cheats that I used to use had gotten detected so now, I am relying on Chroma Cheats a lot.
    I straight up bought the lifetime and didn't know what to expect from a 50$ Lifetime cheat.

    Judging from the looks of the cheat, I would say it was very good. It had a simplistic style to it and you can customize its colors.

    It was confusing to use at first. Such as navigating and finding all the different settings but I would say the more you use it, the better your experience can be.

    The Cheat
    ESP and Chams was up to my standards and was very good. Although I can't get chams to show through walls.

    Triggerbot was good.

    The aimbot was better than I expected.

    Skin changer was very confusing at first but I figured it out by using the hotkey to apply the skins.

    The other stuff I gave it a try and I would say it was okay.

    The overall experience of the cheat was outstanding. I enjoyed using the skin changer and ESP.

    Because I straight up bought the lifetime cheat without using the free trial, I wouldn't recommend buying the cheat first. I would suggest that you tryout the smaller subscriptions before buying the long term ones to see if you like it or not.

    I would not recommend you to use this cheat in an HvH against others because there's no anti aim to assist you.

    I would give this cheat a 9/10. Undetected, simple cheat. But some features are hard to understand for me.
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